Liftosome Facial

Approx 60 mins

Specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skin. The high concentration of Vitamin C firms, regenerates and energizes the look of the complexion. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, Liftosome Mask protocol, massage and cream application.


Beaute Neuve

Approx 60 mins

A hands-on treatment using fruit enzymes, amino acids and vitamins to effectively exfoliate and renew the skin. Includes cleansing, Beaute Neuve exfoliating protocol, mask, massage and cream application.


Beauty Bar Facial

Approx 60 mins

A refreshing facial tailored specifically to your beauty type. Includes cleansing, steaming, extractions if necessary, exfoliation mask and massage and cream application. 60 minutes plus change time.


HydraClean Facial

Approx 30 mins

A deep cleansing facial that uses deep penetrative heat to gently but effectively cleanse the pores and oil glands of the skin. Includes cleansing, Exfoliation, HydraClean protocol, massage and cream application.


Back Cleanse

Approx 60 mins

A refreshing cleanse for your back, tailored to your skin type.