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What on Earth is a Brazilian Bikini Wax!?! Bikini Types Explained.

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The Regular Bikini Wax

Who It’s For: Those just starting out waxing and are nervous or those who just want a cleanup on the panty line.

What it looks like: The Regular Bikini is a cleanup of the hair along a regular panty or “bikini line”.

Why it’s good: It gives you just enough hair removal to wear a modest bathing suit and saves you the discomfort of waxing the other areas. This is also a good wax to start with for someone who is nervous about waxing and wants to “ease” in.

The High Cut Bikini Wax

Who it’s for: Those who want just their bathing suit line cleaned up, but wear a smaller bathing suit than the Regular Bikini wax works for.

What it looks like: It removes hair for a higher cut bikini or panty line, and can also take hair off the top for lower cut bikinis or panties.

Why it’s good: The High Cut Bikini is good for allowing you to wear a little bit of a more revealing bikini or panty without needing you to have all or most of your hair removed. Good for people who are comfortable with the regular bikini but want a “little more” taken off.

The French Bikini Wax

Who it’s for: Those who want more than just their bathing suit line cleaned up, but do not want the lips or tush waxed.

What it looks like: The French Bikini removes most or all of the hair on the front and also on the leg crease underneath, but it does not remove the hair on the lips, labia or bum.

Why it’s good: The French Bikini removes almost all of the hair that can peek out of a panty or bikini, keeping wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum and allowing you to play that game of beach volleyball without grabbing for your shorts!

The Brazilian Bikini Wax

Who it’s for: Those who want everything underneath waxed clean.

What it looks like: The Brazilian Bikini is a full wax underneath including the lips, labia and bum. It can be a full wax on the front or you can choose to leave a strip or small triangle if you wish.

Why it’s good: Smooth and clean, the Brazilian Bikini is the ultimate bikini wax for those who just don’t get why we have hair “down there” to begin with! Great for day to day cleanliness as well as special occasions such as weddings/anniversaries/valentine’s day, the Brazilian is our most popular wax for a reason!

For more information on waxing please call our team of experts at 604-988-8331 and we will be available to answer even your most blush-worthy questions. We have a minimum 9 year experience level with all of our professionally trained and licensed estheticians so you can rest easy knowing that your goodies are in the right hands!

Watch for our upcoming blog about waxing tips and tricks, as well as what to look for in a waxing Spa or Bar.

Stay beautiful!

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